About us

Our story

Since its inception in 2015 as a transport company, RGB Logistics has maintained a single-minded approach to meet customer demands and be the preferred choice of people looking for a reliable transportation solutions provider. Thanks to a growing modern fleet supported by state-of-the-art technology and an efficient management schedule to back operations, RGB Logistics has steadily increased its customer base along with making a name for itself by meeting demands with exceptional service. We make sure your shipment gets delivered safely and on time, to your full satisfaction.

As a 3rd party logistics provider, we specialize in the transportation of temperature sensitive products with an extensive experience of supply chain management in the produce industry. Our ability to integrate technology in everyday fleet management ensures that our customers can easily track their deliveries in real-time and manage their in-house inventories with ease.

Our Workforce

Our motto has always been, “If it can be loaded on a step deck or RGN trailer, we’re the ones to call!” Our workforce is made up of talented and highly driven individuals who are passionate about what they do, are experts in their field, and know how to go out there and get it done.We expect a high level of performance from our employees and expect them to keep the safety of themselves and their cargo a top priority while out on the road.

Our Vision

RGB Logistics’ long-term vision is to invest in technology that will enhance our customers’ success by providing them with on-demand, cost-effective, and on-time solutions.

Our Vision is evident by our:

  • Performance-driven culture focused on continuous improvement that leverages technology and our employees' skills.
  • Investment in highly efficient logistics infrastructure and partnerships in the logistics industry.
  • ``Easy to do business with`` approach that starts with our partners; customers and vendors.
  • Continued commitment to the involvement; development and recognition of the employees who are key to our success.
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